203k Consultant Training FAQs - Easy 203k Professional
General Information

Using 203k Inspection Software

Working with 203k Projects

Working with Bank Draws

Printing HUD Reports

General Information

Can I test the 203k software first?

Yes! Our hud 203k consultant software comes with a FREE trial. Sign up for a 30 day FREE trial here You can review our current pricing plans here.

Do you have a FREE account plan?

Yes! We have a FREE Registration-Only plan intended to provide you marketing assistance while you don't have 203k projects. Your company information is searchable by the public with our Search for 203k Consultant feature

What do I do after I create my account?

The system will send you an email with a link to activate your account. Once your account has been activated you can log on here and use the online 203k software.

What if I didn't receive my account activation email?

We can activate your account. Please email support@easy203kpro.com and let them know you didn't receive the activation email. Please include the username that you used when you created the account. A support member will activate your account and email you when it has been done.

What if I don't currently have any 203k projects?

We have a FREE "Registration-Only" account plan that you can switch to until you get more work. This is a FREE plan and you will NOT be charged monthly but you are still searchable by the public with our Search for 203k Consultant feature.

Do you provide 203k Consultant Marketing Assistance?

We have added our own "Search for 203k Consultant" feature that will allow homebuyers, realtors, etc. search for HUD 203k Consultants in our system. Our search results shows your business information including email address, website and a business summary. We also email monthly newsletters which provide HUD news, guidelines and helpful tips for 203k Consultants.

How can the public search for me in Easy 203k Professional?

The Search for 203k Consultant feature can find you based on your company address and additional zip codes you enter to designate additional work areas.

Do you provide 203k Consultant Training?

Our software is designed to follow HUD's 203k guidelines. We also are partnering with 203k Instructors. Please contact us for referrals.

Using Easy 203k Professional

Why is it important to complete the "Manage Account" section?

Your name and business information is used when creating projects and on most of the reports. Also this information is required to be found by the Search for 203k Consultant feature.

What are "Default Values"?

Default Values allow you to save repair and fee information for use with multiple projects. Default Groups allow you to group default values. When working with projects, you can select a default group to provide saved information.

Where is the Hud 203K Consultant Application User Manual?

The user manual is located on the Consultant Home Page. This is the page consultants are directed to after logging in. Also, most pages have "Quick Help" at the top of the page. "Quick Help" provides assistance using the page and can answer most questions about what to do on the page.

I don't remember my password. Can you please change it for me?

We can't change your password for you since it is stored as encrypted in our system. You can reset your password by going here . The system will email a link to the email address associated with your account. Please click on the link which will allow you to reset your password.

I don't remember my username. What do I do?

Please email support from the email address associated with your account. We will look up your username and email it to you. You can contact support at support@easy203kpro.com

Working with 203k Projects

When I create a project, what information is copied from my profile?

Your name and business information is copied into the HUD Consultant area on the project general information page.

I am trying to use a default group with my project, but it is not in the list for me to choose. Why not?

In order for a default group to be available for use with a project, the default group must contain the zip code of the project. Go into the default group and add the zip code of the project, then it will be available.

What will happen if I enter the "Final Acceptance Date" in the project?

When the "Final Acceptance Date" is added to the project, the project is frozen and can no longer be modified. This also enables the printing of the first draw request.

I accidentally entered the "Final Acceptance Date". Can I reset this?


What if I don't currently have any 203k projects?

We have a FREE "Registration-Only" account plan that you can switch to until you get more work. This is a FREE plan and you will NOT be charged monthly but you are still searchable by the public with our Search for 203k Consultant feature.

Are the room/location dimensions the same as the repair dimensions?

No. The room dimensions are displayed on various pages to assist users in calculating repair dimensions and material needs. Room dimensions are also shown on the Specification of Repairs report.

Working with Bank Draws

I am trying to print the draw request I created and it prints a void stamp across the 1st page and does not have my $$ amount entered.

This is because the loan "acceptance date" has not been entered into the projects "General Information" page. Before this date is entered, the project will only print a blank draw form as you described. This is often requested by underwriters prior to the loan being approved.

On my draw request, on page 2 there is an additional 10% taken off, can you tell me why?

The 10% subtracted from the draw total you are referring to is the "Holdback Percentage". The "Holdback Percentage" are funds that are held back by the lender until the job is complete and there are no liens on the property.

I mistakenly marked a draw as complete. I need to reopen that draw as I was not finished working on it. How do I do that?

You can mark the last completed draw as "Active" so you can continue working on it. Just edit the draw and remove the completed check.

Printing HUD Reports

What should I do if a lender is requesting that I use their Lien Waiver?

It has come to our attention that some lenders want to use their Lien Release forms. If you have worked with lenders requiring the use of their forms, please send us copies of their forms and we will add them to our system.

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