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We welcome HUD 203k Consultants from anywhere in the United States. Create a 203k project, enter some repairs and print HUD forms. Our online software is easy to use and intuitive. It will guide you through the process of creating and managing HUD 203k loan projects making it the perfect software for 203k consultants. Training tips, worksheets and checklists assist Consultants throughout the project lifespan.

You are welcome to try it out at no charge for 30 days and continue on one of our pricing plan.

If work is slow, we have a FREE "Registration-Only" account plan which allows your business information to be searchable by the public. We help homeowners find a 203k consultant with our Search for 203k Search for 203k consultant feature.

Easy 203K Professional was the inspiration of John and Nick Russo, both HUD Consultants. We have developed the software with HUD Consultants in mind, and have attempted to provide an intuitive environment that is easy and efficient to use. The best 203k consultant software is getting new features all the time with updates installed during the night.

Easy 203k Professional Includes...

  • 203k Loan Cost Analysis Management Platform
  • 203k Loan Accounting Management
  • Contingency Accounting Management
  • HUD 203k Forms Including...
    • 203k Consultant's Initial Contract
    • Certification Letter (Identity-Of-Interest Certification)
    • Specification Of Repairs
    • Bid Requests grouped by Repair or Location
    • FHA Homeowner/Contractor Agreement (2744-US)
    • Mortgagor's Letter of Completion
    • Self-Help Agreement (ML 00-25)
    • Draw Request
    • Draw Change Request
    • Lien Waiver and Release

203k Consultant Resources

HUD 203k Program - Description of HUD's 203k Program.

HUD 203k Application Process - How To Become An Approved 203k Consultant.

HUD 203k Main Page - 203k Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance.

HUD Single Family Housing Handbook 4000.1 - The complete HUD guidelines for the 203k loan.

HUD Mortgagee Letter 2005-50 - Detailing HUD's "Limited" 203k Repair Program.

FHA Mortgage Limits - Search for FHA or GSE mortgage limits by state, county, or Metropolitan Statistical Area.

HomeDepot.com - Project Calculators (Paint, Drywall, etc.)

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