Why 203K Professional Software is a Must-have for Real Estate Agents

It is the wish of every realtor and estate agent to make their operations efficient. This is the very reason that the 203K Professional was developed. This is software that helps in the cost analysis of FHA 203K loan. One notable aspect of this great software is its simplicity despite very advanced features. This software is available online by signing up on the website. With 203K Professional, real estate agents and realtors get a chance to update their 203K projects and print their reports from the comfort of their homes or office.
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203k Software for Consultants Will Help You Work Smart

What We Offer

Easy 203K Professional is not a downloadable software that will take up critical space on your computer. Rather our service is an entirely internet-based management tool that can be accessed from any computer or device with an internet connection. Easy 203K Professional can help you with many HUD project related tasks.

-Create repair and restoration check lists
-Store values for upcoming projects
-Print forms needed by lenders, contractors and buyers
-Generate reports at the jobsite
-Hassle-free updates
-Nightly backups of all your data
-Great support
These are just a few of the features that this service has to offer.
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Gaining the Competitive Edge with the Best 203k consultant software

A Popular Program

We got involved in the HUD 203k Loan market originally at the request of our banker. As a successful home builder and remodeling firm, they asked us to partner with a neighborhood group focused on rehabilitating a section of a long-ignored neighborhood. Finding this a worthwhile and profitable endeavor, we have subsequently undertaken several other projects and intend to do a number of others.

While this is a program that works well, it is, nonetheless, a government-backed initiative that requires considerable paperwork and coordination. In fact, our team has found the actual repairs and rehab work are the easy part of each project compared to dealing with the:

Costs management
Loan documentation
Multiple forms required
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HUD 203(k) Specification Of Repairs Example

HUD 203(k) Specification of Repairs – Easy 203k Professional
When applying for a HUD 203(k) loan, a 203k Consultant or Homebuyer will need to submit a work write-up which lists in detail all of the labor and materials for completing the rehabilitation project. This work write-up is typically referred to as the  Specification Of Repairs 
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Advantages of Working With 203K Consultants

Applying for a 203K loan can be one of the best methods home buyers can use to invest in a piece of property. They have been designed to help prospective buyers take a risk on a property that has become damaged over time. The loan itself may also provide these buyers with the funds that they need to repair the damage itself. This could allow the home to be restored and potentially even resold by the owner on the market for a higher price.
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Tips on Finding the Best 203k Consultant Software

The 203K loan helps individuals to acquire a house that needs some repairs and has minimal down payment requirements. If you are a professional, a contractor or homeowner that gives out these loans to qualified individuals, you need to get the best 203K Professional Software. This software will help you be able to manage repairs, generate forms, costs, and prepare loan documents. Below are guidelines for choosing reliable 203 K Professional Software.
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203k Application Information

It has come to our attention that some lenders want to use their Lien
Release forms.

If you have worked with lenders requiring the use of their forms, please
send us copies of their forms and we will add them to our system.

Thank you,

Easy 203k Professional Support Team


203k Consultants

HomeBuyers and Real Estate Professionals


What does HUD say?

Over the past year and a half, I’ve had the luxury of speaking with several hundred FHA 203k Consultants. During my conversations, I’ve been surprised  to learn there are a whole lota consultants out in the consulting world that are generating their specification of repairs “Ass Backwards” according to
HUD standards.

Did I say “Ass Backwards”? Yes, and I certainly don’t mean their donkey is turned around looking the other way. What I mean is that when I’m speaking to consultants around the Country, they are informing me they are utilizing the contractors cost breakdown to generate their specification of repairs! This is a major HUD “NO NO”.

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FHA Appraisals and How They Can Affect Your Work Write Up

Like the 203k Consultant, the FHA Appraiser has the obligation and duty to call out any and all “Health and Safety” issues they discover during their investigation of the subject property. In the event you have already completed your Specification of Repairs (“SOR”), and the appraiser discovers any health and safety issues you failed to disclose on your SOR, you will be obligated to amend your SOR to include these items.

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