Managing Residential Rehab with 203k Consultant software

HUD consultants who manage residential rehab projects need to stay on top of every detail 24/7. Every project manager knows that even the best developed rehabilitation plans face potential snags.
Tearing out a basement wall to remediate mold or water damage often reveals unexpected — and unbudgeted — wiring and plumbing issues. Replacing inefficient windows could lead to more extensive build-out to accommodate modifications necessary for varied sizes, shapes or architectural integrity.

203K Professional Benefits

Using 203K Professional software to manage the oversight and development of a rehabilitation budget gives 203K consultants valuable insights at the click of a button. Our detailed reports include information about each room or area of a property, including square footage, ensuring cost analysis is accurate and specific.
The ability to segment repairs to such a precise area allows 203K consultants more flexibility to coordinate with multiple contractors — negotiating the best price for homeowners and lenders.
We know that 203K HUD compliance requires volumes of paperwork. Generating 203K HUD letters, forms and bid proposals is easy at any time, from any location. This eliminates having to travel back to the office to generate self-help letters or agreements for homeowners and contractors. All forms meet HUD requirements.

Managing Add-ons and Modifications

Using 203k Professional software makes sure that nothing is left to chance. There are sections to add permit and inspection fees, generate draws and move items to the contingency fund. The integrated report generator makes invoicing and scheduling draws simple and reduces errors from manual processing.

If you get a call at two o’clock in the morning that a materials shipment is delayed or a contractor cannot meet deadlines, we have you covered. Your data is stored in the cloud; you can access information about past contractors and suppliers from previous jobs to make it easier to address these emergencies.

We know that HUD consultants make rehab projects smoother and more efficient for homeowners and lenders. Our job is streamline the process for consultants. Our 203K Professional does just that.


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