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Today, we love being connected to the Internet. Whether we’re at work or play, being connected with friends and family is practically a necessity. In addition, many of us want to manage our finances and our home lives online as much as possible. For this reason and many more, we are offering the opportunity to manage 203K HUD loans online – from any device you own. How can this help? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why managing these loans online can benefit everyone involved in the transaction…

203K Consultants Benefits

Let’s face it, HUD Consultants have a lot of responsibility for rehabilitation loans. You are required to inspect the property, prepare packages for lenders, contractors and the property owner. This means hours of work and we can make that work easier for you by allowing you to coordinate all of this paperwork in one, convenient location. Our application offers you the ability to keep track of your projects online, accessible from anywhere you are. We offer you the ability to:

-Track projects from anywhere you have Internet access
-Print and track draw schedules
-Move funds to contingency if needed
-Print documents for contractors and home buyers


One problem 203K Consultants typically run into is simple tracking of projects. Let’s face it, mounds of paper can often mean items get misplaced or lost forever. HUD Consultants need to be able to easily track their 203K HUD loans and they need access to information each time they make a visit to the site. We offer that ability in a simple to use program that is easy on your budget. Don’t spend time writing things up in a notebook and hope you can read them later. If you have Internet access, you can update your projects from wherever you are starting now. Check out our simple to use, affordable software, designed especially for 203K Consultants by 203K HUD Consultants, introducing Easy 203k Professional!


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