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HOME INSPECTORS NEEDED to become HUD Inspectors! HUD is looking for Home Inspectors NOW to help prepare cost breakdowns for all FHA 203K and FNMA/FNMC renovation loans and we have the 203k consultant software for the job. Why not make additional money every month by leveraging your skills and knowledge?

As everyone is aware, areas along the GULF COAST were severely affected by the recent Hurricanes and homes throughout this region are widely in need of home improvement loans. For those of you who are not aware these loans, the highlights of these loans are as follows:

  • Minimum down payments are 3.5% to 5% of the acquisition OR refinance.
  • The acquisition/refinance Loan-To-Value is 96.5% to 95%.
  • The construction Loan-To-Value is up to 110% of the “After” renovation value.
  • All properties must be owner occupied.

A Hud Inspector’s main function is to perform an inspection of the subject property and to notate all existing “Health and Safety” repairs that are needed. In addition, the inspector also includes improvements in which the buyer would like to have done to the property. A borrower can secure a loan of up to 110% of after renovation value. After inspecting a subject property, the HUD Inspector would then prepare a cost breakdown for the lender and borrower, which is known as a “Specification of Repairs” or “Work Write Up”, in which, a HUD Inspector generally receives between $600.00 to $1,000.00 for each and every Specification of Repairs/Work Write Up. In addition, the HUD inspector also receives inspection fees, change order fees, and gas mileage which could earn the inspector an additional $500 to $1,000.00 per job. To assist HUD Inspectors in creating these reports, Easy203kpro software has developed 203k consultant software that is extremely easy to use. We would like to invite all HOME INSPECTORS to view our software and signup for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!   

Thank You,

The Easy 203k Professional Team

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For more information about becoming a HUD Inspector, please contact your local HUD office as soon as possible.




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