FHA Appraisals and How They Can Affect Your Work Write Up

Like the 203k Consultant, the FHA Appraiser has the obligation and duty to call out any and all “Health and Safety” issues they discover during their investigation of the subject property. In the event you have already completed your Specification of Repairs (“SOR”), and the appraiser discovers any health and safety issues you failed to disclose on your SOR, you will be obligated to amend your SOR to include these items.

Here’s where it gets a bit dicey, HUD is now accepting calls from FHA Appraisers who have been given SOR’s and the report has failed to call out the “Health and Safety” items. This is not only embarrassing and costly to go back and amend the SOR, HUD will also be issuing warning letters on the first offense and possible revocation of a consultants CHUMS ID NUMBER if it continues to happen!

We, at Easy203kPro have given you a fantastic tool to assist you in preparing your 203k reports. We would suggest that in addition to the Easy203kPro software, you also prepare yourself when investigating the property:

-Take your time when inspecting a property.
-Use the Easy203kPro Checklist when inspecting a property.
-Prepare yourself a FHA 203k “Work Kit”, suggested items:
-Probe (I use an old snow ski pole).
-Tape measure (digital).
-Electric Screw Gun (in case the home is boarded up)
-Overalls (in case you have to go under the home)
-Laptop / Tablet

These are things that can assist you in becoming more efficient. In addition to the items mentioned above, I would also suggest that you spend a little time imputing the “Values” into your Easy203k Professional “Default Values” so that when you sit down to do a write up, your values will be pre-programed and you can breeze through the report.

From all of us at Easy203kPro,

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